UK high streets need cross sector collaboration and shared Vision developed with local community for better future

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Written by: for 20/20 Visions

The House of Commons Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee believe UK high streets and town centres can survive and prosper and their recommendations have been published in the “High streets and town centres in 2030″ report.

However, the report says that urgent action is required to stop the current deterioration, loss of visitors and dereliction that could lead to some high streets and town centres disappearing altogether.

The report recommends that there needs to be “a shift from the retail focused activities of high streets and town centres today to new uses and purposes which foster greater social interaction, community spirit and local identity and characteristics.”

Achieving large-scale structural change should focus on “convenience”, “place making” and creating an “experience” and will require cross-sector collaboration “with a strategic vision for the future developed in partnership with the local community”.

Change will need to be mainly led by the local authority, with the backing of local stakeholders and the wider community to redefine high streets and town centres and ensure their long-term sustainability.

To read the recommendations in full, the report can be found here:

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