National Charrette Institute discussed collaboration strategies at CNU 27.Louisville Conference

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The Congress for New Urbanism hosted their annual conference, CNU 27.Louisville, June 12-15, 2019, in Kentucky.

On Thursday, June 13, National Charrette Institute’s (NCI) director Holly Madill participated in a panel session on “Working Toward Yes: Dealing with Divided Communities”. Participants were able to learn from the real-world experiences of three practitioners, and one community representative who participated in a particularly difficult public design process. Bill Lennertz, president of Collaborative Design and Innovation LLC and NCI trainer, moderated the session. Other panelists included:

  • Jennifer Hurley, AICP, CNU-A, PP, president and CEO of Hurley-Franks & Associates;
  • Stacie Nicole Smith, senior mediator for the Consensus Building Institute; and
  • George Proakis, executive director of Strategic Planning & Development for Somerville, Massachusetts.

This session provided commonsense solutions to three vexing and common problems:

  1. How to reach groups that are typically not served,
  2. how to avoid meeting fatigue, and
  3. dealing with disruptive participants.

From the NCI perspective, these can be addressed by careful preparation of the charrette process to engage stakeholders, and making sure the charrette framework and individual engagements within it are designed to meet the intended outcomes. Using the creative design process can also make engagements interesting and meaningful.


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